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We are an information resource that will be equally interesting to both fans of video games and lovers of good sound. We publish relevant materials that are not only interesting in their content, but also have an informational and educational character.

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Every lover of good sound at least once wondered the search for more detailed information about the equipment of interest or wanted to find sensible guides that would help him develop in his favorite field.

Well, of course, you need to take into account the features of audio topics, since the sphere itself is complex and the flow of current issues does not dry up even with large forums and sites.

Authors who are involved in writing articles in this section know everything about good sound. And readers can find here audiophile equipment reviews and detailed articles about the equipment and those unique technologies that are involved there.

For example, you can take a look at the guide for sound designers. At first glance, it becomes clear that the author who wrote this is not new to the world of audio equipment and Hi-End sound, and subtly observes only the most important details that relate to sound design.

Video Games

The video game industry is huge and in it, everyone will find what he likes – whether it’s reviews of gaming innovations or the latest gaming solutions from eminent companies, nothing is left without attention. So quality information will always find its reader.

Therefore, we decided not to stay away from such an interesting industry. The authors of our project were able to find their niche in this huge gaming space. Each article is written with enthusiasm and knowledge, whether it is a review or a guide.

It is for this reason that articles attract readers by the involvement and attention to detail that is inherent in professionals in their field, and also to enthusiasts.

Articles from this category will be of interest to both true gamers and ordinary gamers. Here readers can find reviews of accessories of a real eSportsman, guides for caring for their equipment, as well as informational articles on connecting, setting up equipment and even solving some problems that arise.

Improve evening using speakers for parties

Speakers for parties

Whether you want to relax with music at an intimate dinner party, or want to dance the night with friends and strangers, playing the right music can make for an unforgettable experience. Having excellent speakers for parties is an important part of playing the required music.

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How to Use Studio Monitors as Regular Speakers

Studio monitors are designed to help engineers, musicians, and producers hear their sound the way it will come out in the studio. They have a flat response that makes them great for making sure everything is mixed well. When you’re not in the studio, though, what do you do with all those speakers? Continue reading

Comments Off on How do you test coaxial cable?

How do you test coaxial cable?

The coaxial cables are used to transfer the Radiofrequency signals (RF). As the name indicates, it will transfer the signals from radio or television to Antenna.

The coaxial cables are made up of two parts. The inner side is made up of metal cords and the outer side is made up of metal braid mesh which is used to form a resistive coax.

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Comments Off on Which is better, VGA or HDMI?

Which is better, VGA or HDMI?

The signals can be classified as analog signals and digital signals. The analog signal is a continuous signal and the digital signal is discrete.

The standard video format includes the Aspect ratio, display size, display resolution, color depth, and refresh rate. The most commonly used standard video formats are Video Graphics Adapter (VGA) and High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI).

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Comments Off on Background noise can be reduced by ALN?

Background noise can be reduced by ALN?

Noise is an unwanted sound that reacts with normal activities. Sound is the vibration that travels through a medium called air. It is also a physical phenomenon that is sensed by the human ear, weather that type of sound makes a pleasant or unpleasant way purely depends on the luster and their mood of activities. Continue reading

Comments Off on Why is my TV cutting off the picture?

Why is my TV cutting off the picture?

If your TV has a cut off of pictures on the screen then you have to make them into consideration. You have to change the settings and convert them into the best option.

If the display has a cut then it will not be possible for you to visualize what is happening over there. Over scan is something that is said to be a zoom that lies over the screen. You have performed some procedures to correct the screen cut off.

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Comments Off on How often should I clean my laptop?

How often should I clean my laptop?

People will clean their surroundings in a particular interval; they will know at what time it has to be cleaned including the toilets.

They will also know when they have cleaned it last time, and after they skip some of the time they will clean them again. Have you ever thought of to clean your laptop as it gets dirt? If not then know well about how and when to clean your laptop with the help of this article.

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