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How do you test coaxial cable?

The coaxial cables are used to transfer the Radiofrequency signals (RF). As the name indicates, it will transfer the signals from radio or television to Antenna.

The coaxial cables are made up of two parts. The inner side is made up of metal cords and the outer side is made up of metal braid mesh which is used to form a resistive coax.

There may be a chance for getting damage like crack is made in the layers of coaxial cable. So testing for coaxial cable is needed one, to check the proper function of transmission and reception.

There are two types of ways to check the coaxial cable connection. The first method is checking the coaxial cable with a multimeter, and the second method is tracing the coaxial cable.

By using Multimeter Tester

In the first method, the end of the cable is made free by disconnecting it from the connected device. Coil the ends, to take measurements from the multimeter.

Now the testing probe is connected with cords and to the end of the multimeter. With the help of one of the leads touch the outer part of the metal and the second pin to the center. If you hear any sound during this process, which means coax is sorted.

For measurements set the mode to ‘cont’ in the multimeter. For the continuity checking, the contact of both the tips of the probe was made. The negative end is made contact with a center pin on one side of the coax.

And the positive end is connected with a center pin at another side of coax. After done with this work, now analyze the tone. The tone is emitted from the multimeter speaker means it is working properly.

With the help of tester and Explorer

The second method to test the coaxial cable will be trace and test. To perform the trace and test a tool is available. The tool is called Kelvin tools VDV512-508 coaxial cable tester and explorer which are available on Amazon.

This tool can test the coax cable continuity and map the cable at four locations. A color-coded remote will be available for easy identification.

The LED lights are used to identify whether the cable is short/open/good. It is lightweight and pocket-friendly. It will operate with it quite comfortably.

Final Thoughts

The RF signals can be tested in two ways. The coaxial cable is tested with the help of a tool, and any damage that occurs in the cable can be easily identified and the corresponding steps to be taken.