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What do you do when your TV has sound but no picture?

When it comes to television it will pass your time without making you get bored. You can see a lot of entertaining programs in it as per your wish you can see any type of channel in it according to your needs.

The two important things on television are the sound and the picture even if one does not work then there won’t be any use in watching the TV. If your TV has sound but no picture then you have to look for it to repair them.

You can check them by changing the mode on the TV or you can even off the TV and then on them again.

Or you may even go to the menu option and look for the option that you are looking for in the settings option. There you can find a lot of options and you can set the one you want according to your needs.

If your screen does not show you the display you can even check some of the devices that are related to the TV like the antenna, cable, and still some of the things to make sure that they are properly attached or not.

When your TV has sound not showing picture you can make use of this method to know the trouble in it.

If you can find the backlight on the TV but there is no display then the problem must be with the video circuit, in this way your TV will get repaired.

In some of the cases, the TV will not show you continuous videos either they will show you a still image from the video, this will happen when the TV gets hanged in a position. In some of the cases, the TV may have a software problem in that case you have to update the version to give an improvement to your system.

When you plan to repair the system make sure you do them in the right way. If you are not sure about what to do then you can ask help from the experts or you may give your TV to a good service center and make them get back to their normal condition.

Final thoughts

The TV troubleshooting not showing picture can be treated easily; the only thing that you have to concentrate is giving them the best service. The advanced settings can make your TV get to the next stage and you will enjoy the working of it.